I favor a hard time table.  This one is lost.  It is time to set an irreversable deadline to withdraw all taxpayer funding from PBS.  Michelle has news of yet another effort  by PBS to trash America:

Adam Buckman at the NYPost blew the whistle last week on a moral equivalence-marinated PBS documentary that airs tonight. Melanie Morgan and I chatted about the smearing of the Greatest Generation with Rush Limbaugh during the “From the Frontlines” web-a-thon on Friday. I’ve heard from many upset WWII vets. Read Adam’s column here.

Adam Buckman, New York Post:

MEMBERS of the Greatest Generation – especially those with weak hearts – might want to steer clear of an upcoming PBS documentary that suggests the Allied victory in World War II was “tainted” and questions whether it can even be called a victory.

Moreover, the documentary, titled “The War of the World: A New History of the 20th Century,” asserts that the war could only be won by forming an unholy alliance with a dictator – Joseph Stalin, who was as brutal as the one they were fighting, Adolf Hitler – and by adopting the same “pitiless” and “remorseless” tactics practiced by the enemy

My retrospective question is not if a different strategy mght have resulted in the Axis winning World War Two, but rather the price that would have been associated with the alternative strategy.  Given that we had both the atomic bomb and the means of delievering it, the B-29, take it as a given that the Allies were going to prevail.   Little Boy would have worked just as well over Berlin.

The previous century was the deadliest in human history, higher populations brought about by medical and agricultural advances meet mechanized machines of war.   World War Two did not turn a peaceful century bloody.  Nor dd the war pacify a war infested world.   On the other hand, the war did pacify Europe and Japan.   The world in the wake of World War Two was somewhat more peaceful than the antebellum years, albeit far from ideal.   Piero Scaruffi,”Wars and Genocides of the 20th Century

The Greatest Generation did indeed earn their acclaim.  Bravo Zulu.


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