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Barack Obama dope [1]
Barack Obama dope

What can you say about any person who can go toe to toe with the Perky One, a.k.a. Katie Curic, and lose?   I like Katie.  She is perky and cute.  However she is in way over her head as the anchor of a prime time broadcast netwok news program.

The Perky One interviewed BO.  This what Gateway Pundit [2]had to say about the interview:

This was an amazing segment on CBS News. Katie Couric interviewed both Barack Obama and John McCain on the surge.
Obama sounded TOTALLY arrogant and ridiculous!

Katie’s interview, video:

BO might have the media in the tank for him. However if the Messiah continues to give dumb answers, his halo will be come a neck scarf.

Hat tip photo:  Avant Trash [3].