Lead, follow or get out of the way.  When it comes to energy prices, Congress refuses to do anythng productive.  We are paying too much for energy, because for the past thrty years politicians have devoted a lot energy to talking and demonizing, and damn little to solving our energy problems.  Glen Beck has compressed thirty years of political hot air into three minutes,video:

Hat tip:  Stop the ACLU.

Particular notes, among congressmen, Senator Chuckles seems be leading the league in rhetoric, and sound bites, but is dead last in solutions.   As to presidents, the Gipper was right when he said we need to increase domestic production.   The peanut farmer was dead wrong when he said that we will never import more oil than we did did in 1977.

For too long we have tolerated, and re-elected politicians who gave lewinsky to energy independence but actively impeded domestic energy production.  It is time for the voters to send all politicians who refuse to support domestic energy production back home.    Just say no to five dollar a gallon gasoline



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