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Barr Visits Nutroots; What This Tells Us

It’s immensely amusing;

The last several years we have had long lines of leftists denounce saying the Middle East politics of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. This argument, apparently, is supposed to suggest that our involvement in Iraq is somehow deficient, and of course, that all this is the blame of the Republican administrations involved.  None of this, of course, accounts for Jimmy Carter’s involvement with the origination of this particular policy in Iraq.

Be that as it may, I was amused to note none other than Bob Barr attending the Nutroots conference in Austin [1] the other day.  I gather that just about everybody on the planet expected Al Gore to show up, but nobody expected Barr.  Sort of like the Spanish Inquisition, I suppose. Nobody expects them, either.

One can only assume that there is a special kind of pragmatism going on these days, with the left so desperate to get one of its own inside the White House. however you read that, there can be only one reason why Mr. Barr has decided to show up to this conference.  That being that he realizes that Obama is weak enough of a candidate to warrant his attempting to steal away some of the votes at this conference. put more simply, Mr. Barr wouldn’t be at the conference if he didn’t think he was going to gain something by it.

This perhaps also says something about the idea that bar will only be taking votes away from McCain.  Just as certainly the Democrats are expressing the same hope.  Clearly, however,  Mr. Barr doesn’t see it that way.

Now, look; I figure like the Pythonesque Spanish Inquisition, Barr will be laughingly ineffecie at actually gaining enough votes to make any difference at all.  Barr is not going to carry any state in the union.  As a matter of fact I doubt he’s going to carry any county in the union.  Any voting district.  His impact will be minimal if that.  That said, he wouldn’t be down there pitching his line to a room full of staunch liberals, if he wasn’t taking it as accepted that the Democrat nominee is in serious trouble with his own party.