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Any Opposition to a Black Person is a “lynching”?

Michelle says: [1]

.Geez, I thought that the two Texas dunces who protested the phrase “black holes” had won the grievance-mongering morons of the year award.

They’ve got competition.

Enter Myrlie Evers-Williams, NAACP official and widow of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers. She is decrying the New Yorker cartoon of the Obamas as a “lynching.” Hey, never mind that it’s the critics of Obama who are the subject of the cartoon’s “lynching.” Evers-Williams’ cartoon comprehension score: F-. Some people to need to be kept away from the microphone.

For crying out loud: [2]

An NAACP leader, who saw her husband killed decades ago for his civil rights work, said Tuesday that presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife, Michele, are undergoing “political lynching” in the media.


This just goes to show what I’ve been saying for years, folks; Such comments all become knee-jerk after a while. You tend to go with your strengths, after all. Evers-Williams has been crying ‘lynching’ so long for two reasons; Initially, it was an effectve guilt amplifyer, aiding her and her late husband to get their way. And secondly, she doesn’t know any other way to express herself. She’s pragmatic, that way. No real thought process involved.  Between those two situations, the only response to any opposition to what an ostenibly black man’s politics is that it’s a ‘political lynching’.  It’s far easier, after all to defend yourwelf with a tool of guilt for your opposition, than it is to actually look at the issues involved. 

One gets the impression that were Evers-Williams to actually try to address the differences on the issues, between Obama and anyone else, she’d come up far short. The logical conclusion to draw here, is that she’s fallen back on this shop-worn defense, because she knows she really cannot defend him any other way.