Is there a a pair of braincells left in working order within the AP?

(Shrug) No matter. You see, the bloggers are the 600lb Gorilla, and it’s time the AP figured that one out.

So, AP, welcome to the school of Bithead.

As of right now, and going forward until AP backs down from this idiocy, AP is no longer a trusted source at BitsBlog. They will not be linked at all, or mentioned in this blog. So far as we are concerned, they no longer exist.

No longer will BitsBlog readers follow links from here to AP sources, as happened several hundred times daily until now. No more free rides for you, AP, and truth to tell that’s what you were getting from Bitsblog and thousands like BitsBlog every single day.

Oh, I know… this blog is not central to any movement.  Alone, I suppose there would be little effect on the AP from this edict,  save the snickering. But I am far from alone, AP,  and you’re about to figure that one out. I hope you survive the drop in traffic, but that’s kinda up to you, isn’t it?

Addendum: Michelle Malkin has a novel idea, and we’re looking at it. And I’m not so sure about the “tounge in cheek” part, Michelle. This “policy” of AP’s  makes it clear that the dollar sign is all they see. Well? Seems great way to put serious teeth in our position, since it’s the one thing they seem to understand.

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