“$4 a gallon is the best news this country has had in a very long time. Here’s to $5. It’s the only way Americans will ever learn.”

Sullivan: “The Joy Of $4 A Gallon”. It’s just wonderful that we are all blessed with such care and concern, from a man who doesn’t drive a car. I can’t wait to start going around the countryside telling all & sundry what a good deal this is for them.

To begin with, let’s stipulate that Sullivan has labled himself an idiot for all time. That’s number one, here. Past that, Billy, it’s like I said a month or so back, now;

… stop at any gas station, and tell the people paying twice what they should for fuel, that they’re saving the Snail Darter. After you remove the gasoline hose from your mouth, (and barf up a few gallons of the stuff they’ve poured into you) and get several attackers off of you, you’ll begin to understand that there is a groundswell of anger against the left and the enviro-whackjobs on these issues.

You’re quite right that Sullivan, past being an idiot, has no sense of the anger out here because he’s not out here in it.  But I for one would love to see the look on his face if he ever had the courage to come out here with the rest of us mere mortals and experience the real world. Alas, he never has yet, and I doubt he ever will.

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