Jason Horowitz at the New York Observer this morning:
(Warning: NSFW)

A former bundler to Hillary Clinton just called in to tell me that Barack Obama’s selection of Patti Solis Doyle as chief of staff to the campaign’s eventual vice presidential nominee is the “biggest f*** you I have ever seen in politics.”

The donor, speaking on background, said that everyone in Clinton circles knows the two have hard feelings towards one another and haven’t spoken since Clinton removed Solis Doyle as campaign manager, and that Clinton loyalists view her with deep suspicion and believe that she is shopping around a book deal and acted as a background source for an extremely harsh Vanity Fair piece about Bill Clinton.

“Either one of two things happen,” said the bundler. “Hillary is selected as vice president and they fire Patti, or Hillary is not going to be the vice president.”

The bundler said that Clinton loyalists were livid over the pick.

Look, Clinton’s people are all upset, saying in effect that Solis-Doyle screwed up Hillary Clinto’s chances for POTUS. They may be correct about her adding to the problem, but she most assuredly didn’t act alone. Let’s also be fair and remember that the Clinton camp’s job was the application of lipstick to a pig.

The point the Hillary Clinton supporter is missing….that’s not just Solis talking, folks. That’s Obama talking, sending that message to Hillary Clinton. Essentially, the message is “You wanna be VP? When hell freezes over, lady.”

Which kinda answers that one, doesn’t it?
Heh. So much for party reconciliation.

Addendum:  (David L)

Does BO plan on lettting Patty Solis-Doyle anywhere near the campaign checkbook?   Solis-Doyle’s primary qualification is the ability to spend unlimited amounts of money.   I think S-D is mere window dressing.  Who knows?

Further, I predict BO will settle for second tier canidate for his vice president.  Campaign Obama is intent on runnig a top down Polit Bureau campaign.  What kind of poltician will BO be able to recruit as his veep when BO will not even allow his veep to bring in his own chief of staff.

The BO campaign wants to run everything and given they they are on a massive losing streak.   Their elephant sized egos don’t match their minature poodle sized track record.


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