An interesting note at the LA Times Blog this morning:

Led by chairman Mike Duncan, the Republican National Committee ended May with 13 times more money in the bank than its Democratic counterpart, and raised five times as much money in the same time frame.

Based on the numbers so far, the Republican Party appears poised to act as the financial equalizer in the fall campaign. The RNC disclosed that it ended May with $53.5 million in the bank, compared to $3.9 million for the Democratic National Committee, which is headed by Howard Dean.

Thanks to the continuing popularity and fundraising attraction of President Bush, the RNC continued to vastly out-raise the Democratic party, amassing $24.4 million just in May.

“Oh, sure”, will be the commentary…”All of that money’s coming from big business, like big oil”.

Ummm… No…

The RNC raised more in small increments than the DNC’s total take in May of $4.8 million.

Do you begin to understand what that says, there? The RNC took in more money from small donors, than the DNCĀ  took in, in total, for May.

But… wait, now… how can that be? I thought the Republicans in general and President Bush in particular were so unpopular as to obviate the need for an election? Well, perhaps as usual, the leftists and the press (A redundancy) are about creating their own reality. Out here in the real world, something very different is brewing.

What amuses me is that Obama thought going back on his word about government funding was any kind of advantage.

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One Response to “RNC Outraises DNC… (by Five Times)”

  1. BO’s campaign is bleeding money.  That is they spend it faster than they raise it.  I think having BO is charge all DNC finance could well drain the entire party dry.  Developing …