Nift little post at the Barack Obama official website about How the jewish lobby works.

Oh, wait… they’ve removed it… AFTER Memeorandum had it in the number one slot.

Gee, can you imagine why that might be? For all the abject boot licking Obama did at AIPAC the other day, take a look over at LGF who has a capture of the post running. Michelle Malkin has it as well.

How long until we get the denials, I wonder?

Glenn gets it right, here:

Reader Martin Shoemaker emails:

The Community Blogs at Obama 08 are no more â??officialâ? than the rantings of BDS sufferers at an Obama rally. I have a blog there, just to prove how easy it is to get one, and Senator Obama has ZERO chance of getting my vote. You could have one. Itâ??s as simple as signing up. Thereâ??s no vetting process of any kind.

Any nut with an axe to grind can post any offensive material on the Community Blogs, and the Obama campaign will be unaware unless someone raises a stink. In fact, itâ??s entirely possible that a McCain operative could go on the site, create a blog, post offensive material, and then leak the URL to LGF to â??proveâ? how disreputable the Senatorâ??s supporters are. Shades of Dan Rather!

Or of Canadian “Human Rights” investigators. But the Kos-style open diary thing seems like a highly unwise approach for a Presidential campaign, even one that expects Big Media outfits to protect them on issues like this, as isn’t done for others.

Just so. This stuff is entirely predictable, and avoidable. That they did not avoid it shows a lack of judegment I want nowhere near the White House.

Perhaps of greater import; what does this say, when this kind of antisemitism is shown so clearly among Obama’s supporters?

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