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Obama Gets Enough Delegates for Nomination; Oh… And Gravity Still Works.

I got an E-mail overnight wondering why I’d not mentioned Obama getting enough delegates to win the nomination for his party. (Shrug)
OK… here…. from yesterday, here’s a note from ABC’s political page [1]

Sen. Barack Obama achieved the 2,118 needed to clinch the Democratic nomination for president last night and made history by becoming the first African American to win a major party’s presidential nomination, according to the ABC News scorecard.

The presumptive Democratic nominee locked up the nomination even before the votes were counted in the party’s final two primaries in South Dakota and Montana last night.

Obama went on to easily win Montana last night by a margin of 57 percent to Sent. Hillary Clinton’s 42 percent. But Clinton, D-NY, snatched one last upset victory in South Dakota, with a 55-44 percent win.

OK, now that I’ve done that,perhaps my correspondent can explain to me why my mention would be a big deal. Once again, we enter the Church of the Bloody Well Obvious. It’s like my taking the time to make a major announcement about the properties of gravity, giving a full political analysis.  I mean, please.

Perhaps, while we’re considering this, someone can also explain to me why this is a bigger deal now, than a week ago? Did it exceed, or even alter the predictions made here and everywhere else, last week?  Or, even the month before? This eventuality is something we’ve known about quite literally for months, now.  The signs have been there, and everyone with a pulse (And many voters without a pulse in Chicago) all knew it.

Far as I’m concerned this is the ultimate anti-climax and I suspect I’m far from alone in that perception. We’ve known all along that Clinton was like this, that everything is all about her.  Her still trying to grab what she can in terms of power out of all the money she’s been spending, should shock and amaze nobody.  Her people knew she was toast months ago, when this campaign death-watch started.  So, even that isn’t much of a story now. It’s been played out to the sheer boredom of nearly everyone involved.

I hold to my comment of last night;
Clinton being in the race for as long as she’s been may in fact have been the best possible thing for Obama. The media and the Obama campaign could up till now concentrate on that circus between those two. Now that Clinton looks to be removing herself from that process soon, (or, maybe not) Obama and his people are going to have to address these harder questions they’ve been thusfar avoiding. And I honestly don’t think he can.