James Joyner points up that there’s no tape from Larry Johnson, yet. OTOH, he also points out that Larry’s servers are smoking hulks from the traffic this thing’s been getting. Aside from possibly explaining why no post from Johnson yet, it also calls to mind another factor which may be larger.

Think back… during the first Clinton misadministration, we were faced with rumors about how Clinton had raped at least one woman on his way to the Oral Office. The surprising factor there was the number of people… even his supporters… who were not surprised by the charges. It’s a measurement of the reputation of the Clintons I think…  what people are really thinking about them… as good as any.

It occurred to me that by the same token, the part of this Johnson bit that is perhaps of greatest import is the number of voters.. even Democrat voters, apparently… who wouldn’t put such racism and hate as has been reported, past Michelle Obama.

That kind of instinctive mistrust cannot bode well for her husband in the general election.


If I hear anything I’ll let you know.


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