• I complained last night that Memeorandum had been pretty much ignoring BitsBlog. Apparently, someone there is reading, and they reacted. The post complaining about being ignored, got featured status. Gottena  few links through since then, a well. Nice to know they’re reading. I never knew. The timing of the thing is amusing, also… best laugh I’ve had in a week, that.
  • Seems the Reublicans have been listening to BitsBlog, too. OK, maybe not, but at least they’ve caught on to the idea of who is to blame for the current gasoline prices…. and it’s not the oil companies.

    Putnam said on the Democrats’ watch, “America has become a nation of $4 gasoline. This expensive milestone arrives two years removed from an endless stream of assurances by Democrat leaders that they had their hands on a ‘commonsense plan’ to lower gas prices,” Putnam said Sunday in a news release.

    Sadly, John McCain still doesn’t get it.

    For the record, Republican presidential candidate John McCain has said he opposes oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: ”ANWR is one of the pristine places in the world,” McCain said in South Carolina last December. ”I wouldn’t drill in the Grand Canyon either, and I wouldn’t drill in the Everglades.”

    Idiot.Ask me again about my disappointment iin John McCain.

  • And of course the Democrats who always think the solution to any given problem involves taxes, have decided a ‘windfall’ tax on oil compnay profits is the answer. I mean, ignoring that the government is already making many times what the oil compaines are, off the sale of petrolium products,  and leaving aisde also the question of how increasing taxes… which you and I pay… is going to lower prices at the pump… I wonder what the approval for this thing would be from the American public if they knew their retirement accounts were going to suffer if the such a tax ever made it into law?
  • Meanwhile, the Saudis have quietly increased their output. Apparently, they’re doing so on the basis of the screaming for domestic prodction. I’ve been saying for weeks, now, and this proves it,  that the mere threat of increasing domestic production would get them off the stump. They’re trying to protect their monopoly, after all. And so much for the widespread nonsense about how the Saudis couldn’t increase their output because their fields can’t support it.
  • I note also that they’re reading BitsBlog at Real Clear Politics.
  • We now have good reason for why our planet has been cooling. The Sun.
  • Another Honorable mention at OTBs Caption Contest

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