• Leave it to The SUN to get it wrong. Oh, no question that this woman has bigguns. (Warning: NSFW) But I’ve always considered the biggest boobs in the world were Ron Paul supporters, myself.
  • Look, Snooper. We’re not going to get through this if you don’t loosen up and tell us what you really think.
  • Let’s see… we need $45 trillion dollars to satisfy Al Gore’s wild fanstasy? Forgive me if I don’t stand up and salute.
  • Oh, speaking of that… We had two bozos climbing the NY Times building, yeserday. Yeah, preaching about Global warming.  Arrested at once, both of them. With any luck, they’ll remain there. Why that building? Can you think of any better way to ensure national, televised coverage of your global warming fantasy? Apparently mere facts don’t change people from chasing their ‘Hey, look at me” stunts.
  • You say what you will about Tom Delay, I may agree. But make no mistake, here; He’s got Obama tagged.
  • Clint Eastwood says Spike Lee should STFU. I tend to agree. I find most interesting Lee’s complaints abotu why Eastwood would want to do “Byrd”. Hasn’t it been clear since “Gauntlet” that Eastwood is a hard core Jazz fan, and is in fact the ideal person to direct such a project? Or is it that only blacks can really appreciate Jazz in Lee’s view? How post racial…
  • Oh, speaking of entertainment and the like, we appear to be bound for another Hollywood strike. The last one worked so well, after all…
  • I see where KSM is complaining about pictures drawn of him in court. Doesn’t like his nose. Too broad, says he. Too jewish, perhaps? Yeah, like this guy’s not easy to see through. And why are we concerned about taking his apparently bigoted vanity into consideration? Didn’t this moron lead the charge to kill thousands? Priorities, people. Priorities. Like, make him aware how lucky he is to have survived to get to the courtroom, for example.
  • Billy gets into it with McPhillips, on the occasion of the latter’s 700th post.


    “My confession about all this is that I don’t work as hard here as I used to in the old Usenet sewers, and I hear from both Beck and Mike Soja that it’s harder for them to get down with a subject on their blogs than it was to get ready for the fire fights down in those dark passages. There’s a certain edge missing here in the blogworks.”

    This was obvious to me almost instantly upon getting started on a blog, but it’s not all there is to it for me. A great deal of my problem is that the prospects for individualist (i.e. — American) politics in my homeland have only ever gotten worse during my lifetime and they are getting worse every single day. This is creeping resignation, you see.

    Well, first off, try me on this when you get to 9000 posts. And trust me, Martin, you’ll get there. I’ve seen this thing often enough to know.
    I wonder though, Billy, if your complaint is not simply a function of what Martin is talking about, here? I suspect that the degree of isolation being higher here than it was back in the Usenet days is a part of your perception of how tings are. As you say, it’s not the whole thing, but a chunk of it, I think. The discussion… both from the bozos and the people with the ability of actual thought, was often, a spur to shedding light on it as the bozos plied their nonsense, and cause to be reassured as the thinkers chimed in. In the degree of isolation that blogdom as it has evolved, brings, I don’t wonder that it’s harder to find the inspriation to speak up.  That’s one of the reasons I’ve kept up on comment areas on other blogs.

    As for Martin’s ‘writing is rewriting’ thing, I have to tell you that the act of writing, when the topics are those which this blog is mostly about, tend to clarify my thought process. When I attack a subject, particularly in the longer forms, I often jot stuff out half formed, and remold them, as I unpack each part of the subject I’m addressing, and thereby have a better overview of my own thoughts on the subject.  That tought refining process USED to be refined still further by means of discussion, when we were on usenet. Less so, here.  Still, keep going, Martin.  The ‘spehere would be a poorer place without your voice.

  • Surber has both the questions and the answers. A very efficient fellow, Don.


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