• From Boortz, a vid of Obama telling us how he wants to disarm America. Apparently, he hasn’t leaned the lessons of Viginia Tech. Disamring people is only going to make situations like that worse… and there’s a lot of nutjobs waiting in the wings. Seems to me this suggests a backward approach to foriegn policy, as well.
  • Drink up, my boy.
  • You know those anti-bacterial wipes? They can cause as many problems a they solve.
  • I see Michael Pfleger has been suspended at St. Sabina parish. Gee. How will black leftists survive?  Says he, in the most ominous tones possible: “This is a dangerous time in America, the freest country in the world where you have to whisper your thoughts.” Well, look, Mike. Nobody forced you to whisper your thoughts. Rather you screamed them. Did you think that others couldn’t say THEIR peace? Does your right to speak, which I note you have been using quite a bit of late, precludes anyone else having that same right?  Here’s a message to the Catholic Chuch; Loose this moron. He’s done you enough damage. Do it now.
  • Bruce McQuain puts togther a list of Obama’s Radical roots. Pay particular attention to the ACORN connection, here.
  • Gasoline prices are continuing to climb despite the crude price fall I’ve mentioned the last couple days. To be expected, though; Distilates always trail crude by some weeks in the price swings, regardless which way they’re moving.
  • Turns out, the “Old Faithful” gyser, and the stregnth of the thing, depends on rainfall. Makes sense, I guess, but it does suggest the underground springs feeding the thing are a repository, not a point source.

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