•  HMS Ontario One of these days I’ve really gotta send Gaius over at Blue Crab Blvd a six-pack, just on G.P.. (Do beings that walk sideways drink beer? OK, dumb question. Depends how much they’ve had. Gotcha.)  The guy’s out there slugging away… even into stuff in my own backyard that I’d missed… they’ve managed to find the HMS Ontario just down the road here. Actually, I had heard it was somewhere between the port of Rochester and Niagara but didn’t get the details.   Apparently they managed to find her in around 500ft of water, mostly intact. National Georgraphic has picked up the story, too, which is where I got this photo from. Go and see.  She was coming from NIagara to Rochester, and never made it in.  They’re not saying where the thing is, (Not that many could do much at that depth, anyway) My guess, given the depth they’re talking about is off 30 mile point.
  • So Science type are now saying our DNA did come from off-planet. Bruce has a few comments there. Personally, I think I can hear the Darwinian choir warming up just offstage.
  • I see Obama is calling for an end to references to candidate’s spouses.  Apparently, Obama doesn’t want to have to toss his wife under the bus with everyone else.
  • McGehee says:

    I’m starting to think Bill Engvall was wrong. We don?t need for stupid people to carry signs warning us who they are. We need for people who do actually have two working brain cells to rub together, to carry signs letting us know they?re not stupid.

    Well, yeah, but see…if you think you can trust signs, consider election signs put out by Democrats. Consider that 14ft nothing clearance sign on the bridge from hell… you know, the one with all the dents in it.

  • I should have seen it coming. Obama’s complaint against absentee black fathers was one of the few things he’s done right. ; Earl Ofari Hutchinson over at Pajamas Media tells Obama to lay off black fathers.. it’s all an inaccurate stereotype, says he.  Actually, I think it more accurate than popular. Truth is a great leveler, and in this case, Obama was speaking the truth, but I wonder if he hasn’t just annoyed about half the black vote, which until now was considered a lock for him?

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