Larry Johnson says he’s got a new Michelle Obama vid that’s been rumored to exist for some months now, that puts to rest the cries of innocence coming from the Obamas as regards their racist views. Supposed to be out tomorrow night.

I find the timing of interest.
This stuff will be ramping up just as the Democrat convention is.
One could easily think the tape to have been supplied by Clinton’s camp, since that’s the person it would most directly benefit. I make no accusation, here, but the timing does mesh rather well to the point.

I’ll be watching.

Addendum: (David L)

I find the timing of interest

Interesting is an apt word, as is desperate.

I refuse to credit Larry Johnson with any independent agency. He is merely Mrs. Clinton’s sock puppet.  Mrs. Clinton has run our of winnable primaries and BO is about to declare victory.  When she last broke this story, this magical tape was supposed be in Karl Rove’s secret vault.  Now somehow the tape been transfered to Mrs. Clinton.  Sure.  I second, A.J. Strata’s, Strata-Sphere, assertion that there in no tape, never was:

As I noted when the rumor first came out, Johnson’s cover story – that this tape was being held by the GOP and was meant to torpedo Obama in the fall – was simply incoherent. Johnson claimed both Dem and Rep sources had seen the tape – which makes no sense at all if you know how DC works. If the GOP had this atomic political bomb they would hold it close and unleash an October surprise (e.g., George Bush’s DWI charge which hit the news right before the 2000 election).

The Clintons’ campaign is going down.  There no reason to hold back your reserves.

(Bit says:) In that event we’re all going to be terribly bored tommorow night. The idea that this might be staged, is something that hasn’t gotten by me, if you read between the lines of the original post.

Johnson aside, though, we’re still left with a demonstrably fragmented and broken Democrat party.  The clamor that Johnson’s messages are causing just now demonstrate that rather clearly. At least they’ve been useful for this.

Now, if this tape is anything like real, it’s going to force Obama to react to it, as he’s been forced to react to the other incidents. You know, it fascinates me that the determining factor in this election will end up being not how many people are on McCain’s bus, the supposed “Straight Talk Express”, but how many people are UNDER Barack Obama’s.

And as for Johnson? Well, we’ll see.

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