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Life After Tim At the Peacock

I don’t envy Steve Capus’president of NBC News task. .   Capua has a big set set of shoes to fill, no qualified replacenents on salary and no time to lose.    This is election season and Capus needs to fill the moderator chair on Meet the Press.

Gary Levin,  Useless Toady [1]:

[Iim] Russert also proved a reliable balance, aggressively questioning political figures of both parties in a TV-news climate increasingly populated by opinionated journalist/commentators. “He was one of the last remaining honest purveyors of television news without having an attitude,” Grossman says

Capus should shun star power, for work ethic.  Find a reliable, honest, balanced newsman somewhere, any where.   Raid Cleveland if need be.

Addendum:(Bit) I suspect and suppose some raiding of some other entity will be needful. As I explain in tonight’s Ramble,  I am unconvinced anyone currently on staff at NBC can do the job.