courtesy Michelle MalkinMan bites dog, sanity enjoys its day in the Senate.  Michelle is reporting that the Senate, in temporary bout of sanity, has killled the Lieberman-Warner tax increase bill.  

Good news: The Lieberman-Warner eco-boondoggle is set to go down in flames today. But this is no time to rest. While the massive tax hike/green slush fund bill will most likely be shelved, it’ll come back sooner or later. And when it does, keep your eyes on “moderate” Republicans such as John Sununu who will try to appease their red-faced greenie donors and lobbyists by pulling a “for it before I was against it maneuver” this morning a la John Kerry.

 This horrid idea will not be dead until all the criminals who support it, like Dirty Harry Ried, are removed from the Senate.   Hard working American families will not be safe when political terrorists like Reid and Barabara Boxer are trusted with politcal power.  Politicians who support higher energy prices are not our friends.


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