Edward Lehner can take a long one way hike, and never come back.  I think Arkansas would be a good choice, Samuel Maull, Associated Press

NEW YORK – A judge has ordered New York’s governor, Senate and Assembly to raise the pay of the state’s judges within the next 90 days.

State Supreme Court Justice Edward Lehner in Manhattan said Wednesday that the defendants unconstitutionally abused their power by depriving judges of a pay hike for almost 10 years. He said state legislators illegally linked a judicial salary increase to one for themselves

If Lehner doesn’t like what the taxpayers of New York State are I am paying him, he should resign.  If Lehner doesn’t resign, he should just shut up.  In the mean time, the legislature should impeach his sorry burro.  My state representatives, such as they are, are accountable to me and not to Lehner.

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