Bluto is working a story that I admit only loosely following. It doesn’t quote cleanly, so I’ll have you go read the thing.

The update gives a nifty tease:

The New York Sun’s editorial board notes that Rockefeller deliberately manipulated data for his committee’s report to support the “Bush Lied” meme:

Mr. Rockefeller decided to exclude a handwritten note from the CIA’s terrorism analyst of the Mr. Bush’s 2002 speech in Cincinnati on the eve of the Congressional vote authorizing the war saying the paragraphs about Iraq and terrorism were “all-Okay.” Wrote Senators Bond, Chambliss, Hatch, and Burr in an addendum to the report: “Apparently the majority did not think this was something the public needed to know since they denied our request to include it and did not allow a vote on the amendment offered to fix this shortcoming.”

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