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It’s About Being an American.

Would you believe I have gotten thousands hundreds, dozens, not a single request to show what Bit would look like in a blond wig?  I post this video dispite the aforementioned:

Quote courtesy Soren Dayton, Redstate [1]:

When you tell me that much bad news about someone, I start to panic. Suddenly it’s no longer about being a Democrat. It’s about being an American. It’s about preserving the United States of America.

I find her talking points amusing, Ayers, Wright, Rezko.   All more reflective of the right wing blogs than of the main stream media.   It appears that the media attempt to gloss up BO to make him appear like a legtimate presidential candidate is simply not working.  Not even the blondes are falling for it.

Hat tip video:  Marc Ambinder [2].