From the New York Post today:

Of course, with his wealth and power, Kennedy would get good treatment anywhere. But the same care is available to every American.

Not so – if we make the health “reforms” called for by Kennedy and other liberals.

Filmmaker Michael Moore gives their standard line when he says: “There are problems in all health-care systems, but at least Europeans and Canadians have a health-care system that covers everyone.”

Problem is, governments that promise to “cover everyone” always wind up cutting corners simply to save money. People with Kennedy’s condition are dying or dead as a result.

Consider Jennifer Bell of Norwich, England. In 2006, the 22-year-old complained of headaches for months – but Britain’s National Health Service made her wait a year to see a neurologist.

Then she had to wait more than three months before should could get what the NHS decided was only a “relatively urgent” MRI scan. Three days before the MRI appointment, she died.

Consider, too, the chemo drug Kennedy is receiving: Temodar, the first oral medicine for brain tumors in 25 years.

Temodar has been widely used in this country since the FDA approved it in 2000. But a British health-care rationing agency, the National Institute for Comparative Effectiveness, ruled that, while the drug helps people live longer, it wasn’t worth the money – and denied coverage for it.

And therein is the point that the left hopes you’ll ignore. And you know what? It was exactly this kind of thing I had in mind when I posted my original comments.


I can’t help but wonder what Senator Kennedy thinks about his private health insurance, now. of course, what is private health insurance doesn’t pick up the federal government will, meaning you and I will be paying for it regardless. I suspect, however, that one comment that you won’t hear from the left is how only the rich get the kind of health care that Senator Kennedy is getting, between now and whenever

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