Me at OTB just now:

Every major scientific body in the entire world is on the same ‘side’ on this one. And any payola to Hansen or any influence of Gore is far outweighed by Exxon-Mobil paying for the science they want, and the Bush administration’s documented efforts to politicize science.

The desperation is palpable. You’ve apparently forgotten NASA.

There’s several other groups of the like.

And let’s call this what it is; Hype. The fact is that the oft referred to National Academy of Sciences report doesn’t provide any valid scientific basis for global warming, and it also does not show any scientific consensus on the issue.

As for scientists with views oppoing the myth spreading, let’s take for example, Lindzen, whose report is of such size and weight and which include all of their oft spoken doubts about warming and the facts backing those doubts, are spelled out in such detail as assure that folks like M1EK will never have a hope in hell of understanding it. And it certainly doesn’t end up in the group summary, which is written by the political hotheads of the group. And of course since nobody’s ever read the full report, nobody ever questions the sumamry.

In the end, what we have here is an agenda being driven by the UN, with statistical falacies that are remanufactured by that body every few years. If you’re a scientists and you need those lucarative grants from the UN and other leftist agencies, you need to toe the liberal line.

Which is to say that you need to be “progressive” and have what a “social conscience” which means of course, means being anti-business, anti-industry, anti-technology.

Note M1EK’s tactics which are fairly typical of the global warming scam artists… In M1EK’s world, you’re offered only two chocies; to be a “concerned” environmental advocate, or to be dismissed as a shill for Big Oil.

Every scientist… those getting government money, or money from the UN, who invariably support the global-warming scam is portrayed as independent, unbiased, trustworthy–and meanwhile M1EK goes out of his way to label any dissenter not as a scientist, but as “people with direct financial interests at stake (like the oil companies).”

You’ll forgive me if I don’t stand up and salute.

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