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Cyd Charisse RIP Age 87

[1]LOS ANGELES (AFP) — [2] Dancer and actress Cyd Charisse, whose legs were insured for a million dollars in the heyday of the Hollywood musical, died at her home in Los Angeles on Tuesday, her agent said. She was 87.

Scott Stander said Charisse, a regular partner of legends Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, suffered a heart attack at her home and “never recovered.” She died at 12.15 am (0715 GMT).

“We’re all just heartbroken,” said Stander, describing Charisse as “one of the classiest ladies you would have ever met.”

She’s one I wish I’d had the chance to meet, from all the descrtiptions I’ve heard of her.

And  87? That kind of longevity would seem to make a good argument for the kind of shape she must have been in all her life.