More on Bit’s comments about the Canadian Human Rights Commission(CHRC) battle against freedom, Ezra Levant reports from the front lines:

The Canadian Human Rights Commission, like any petty tyranny, has a strong instinct for survival. As I predicted last week on the Michael Coren Show, that instinct would cause them to drop the complaint against Mark Steyn and Maclean’s. And so they did.

With an RCMP investigation, a Privacy Commission investigation and a pending Parliamentary investigation, they’re already fighting a multi-front P.R. war, and losing badly. Not a day goes by when the CHRC isn’t pummelled in the media. Holding a show trial of Maclean’s and Steyn, like the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal did earlier this month, would be writing their own political death sentence

Note how in true Orwellain fashion the term human rights has been stripped of its meaning.  Sadly the term human rights is now associated with promoting depravity and tyranny.

Our friends to the north have long tradition of supporting freedom and liberty.  The CHRC is very unCanadian.

Nothing disintects a democracy like sunlight.  The CHRC is being exposed to sunlight and is not taking it well.  

The CHRC is a bully and bullies back down when confronted.   The CHRC has been confronted and is backing down.


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