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Bush Asks Congress to Eliminate Federal Offshore Drilling Ban

So, President Bush has now joined John McCain’s call to eliminate the federal ban on offshore oil drilling [1]. He’s even asked Congress to do so. This strikes me as a smart move, both in the political world, and the real one.

Obama is now in the position, along with congressional Democrats,  of explaining why voters are paying over $4/gallon while he tries to keep the federal bans on getting more oil to market, which would have the effect of lowering costs to those voters.  Smart move.


Surber [2] does this one as well as anyone I’ve seen today:


Bush to Democrats: Drill or say hello to a Republican Congress.

Here is the price Americans are paying for pristine coastlines: $4 a gallon for gasoline and $5 for a box of cereal.

President Bush wants to end this nonsense.