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BO Plays the Race Card

JACKSONVILLE, Florida (Reuters) – [1] Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama said on Friday he expects Republicans to highlight the fact that he is black as part of an effort to make voters afraid of him.

Republicans? Seems to me the only place where the issue has come up so far is when running against his fellow Democrats, and that repeatedly over the last several months. BO is getting desperate already, folks, if he’s dragged the race card out this early.

And let’s call this what it is; Obama has spent 20 years under the wing, and the instruction of Fr. Michael Pfleger and Rev. Jeremiah Wright, arguably two of the bigger race-baiters out there. Are we to assume that the student of two such men would choose¬† a better path?

Obama has shown us his hand, here, folks. He clearly has nothing substansive left.¬† And already, there’s an answer for his charge. Mr. Obama, it’s not your color, it’s your politics, and your lack of a record, save where it indictaes your openly befreinding people who are not freinds of these United States.