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B.J. Proves Vanity Fair Right

I have not commented on Todd Purnam’s, Vanity Fair, piece on B.J. Clinton because in part I can’t bring myself to read such a long article.   However one of  Purnam’s points was that B.J. lacks self-displine.   Puffington Post [1] writer Mayhill Fowler discovered this fact for herself:

The former president made the comment at a local campaign event after I asked him if Purdum’s much-commented upon Vanity Fair story was weighing on his mind.

Tightly gripping this reporter’s hand and refusing to let go, Clinton heatedly denounced the writer, who is currently married to former Clinton White House Press Secretary, Dee Dee Myers.

Ms Fowler, I’d consider battery charges.   Unwanted groping  is neither appropriate nor legal, even for a former president.   An apology would be the least to expect from gentleman, but B.J. is not a gentleman.