AJ Strata has been watching with some interest the demise of al-Qaeda.  Today, he remarks:

It is alarming even to me how drastically al-Qaeda’s future as changed recently.  After 9-11 they were the future hope of Islam after they struck America a savage and deadly blow. But since then, mostly through the war front in Iraq and the atrocities committed there by al-Qaeda, killing tens of thousands of Muslims, al-Qaeda has become the enemy of Islam, now being chased from Iraq by a fighting force of Muslims numbering in the 100’s of thousands.   The fact is al-Qaeda is deadly, it just cannot topple any nations:

This assessment is supported by a little-noticed reference in the UK’s new national security strategy, published in March: “While terrorism represents a threat to all our communities and an attack on our way of life, it does not at present amount to a strategic threat. But it is qualitatively and quantitatively more serious than terrorist threats we have faced in the past, and it is likely to persist for many years.”

What this means, and the Muslim street knows this, is that any attack on the West will bring quick and deadly justice from the West.  It is why there are many who think al-Qaeda dare not attack this year or else ensure another 4 years of strong leadership in McCain.

Well, exactly. They know Obama being elected is an advantage to them; it’s that simple. Keep someone in the White House who will respond correctly to threats and they have no chance. Time and again, their support for Obama has shown through the cracks.

A campaign of terror is the only chocie possible for al-Qaeda. Such an enemy can never be fully defeated, because like any other brainwashed devotee, they can never be convinced to quit. What must be done, therefore is keep beating them back, beating them down, and controling that situation. The reason for the support from al-Qaeda for Obama is simple; They know he will not continue beating them down.

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