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A Meaningful Blogger? Or Simply a Compliant One?

Odd, to find a question like this on one of the more meaningful blogs around;

Can I Be a Meaningful Blogger? [1]

Yet, that’s the very question James Q Wilson at Volokh Conspiracy posts.  And it’s posing adds to an argument I have often enough with regulars both here and at the other places I frequent:

A lot of readers have suggested that I am not a helpful blogger because I refer people to other studies for data to support my arguments…..

…Now for a few more facts, but I warn you that to believe my assertions you will actually have to go out and read something…

…Were I devoted to blogging full time, I would quote all the data and summarize all of the studies, thereby getting nothing else done. I had assumed when I started my blog messages that people would pause, think, and look up facts. A few have, but most seem to have opinions they like to express quickly. There is nothing wrong with this, except that it doesn’t advance knowledge.

Well, if that doesn’t hit the nail on the head, I don’t know what does.

I, too,  get rather tired of having to spoonfeed morons who can’t take the time to do some independent research, except occasionally, to work on defeating an argument the projected outcome of which they don’t like.  Oddly, most of these can’t be bothered to provide the support for their own arguments, that they demand of me and mine. Apparently the only thing that really needs proving by the standards they demand, is anything that challenges their own narrow minded assumptions.

I’m hip, Professor Wilson, trust me.. I’m there.