Eric Florack on June 26th, 2008

Having attended my older son’s graduation a few days ago, I sat down upon reaching home, and started writing. Odd thing; It’s what I do, anymore. I sit down and try to capture in amber all the thoughts in my head, lest those words go away for being ignored. What you see below is the […]

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davidl on June 26th, 2008

Glenn Greenwald the Unhinged Mind, discovers Keith Olbermann is a Barack Obama whore, “Keith Olbermann: Then and now” On January 31 of this year, Keith Olbermann donned his most serious face and most indignant voice tone to rail against George Bush for supporting telecom immunity and revisions to FISA. And: Last night, Olbermann invited Newsweek’s […]

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Eric Florack on June 26th, 2008

Look, left-o-shere… if you’re that pissed at the Democrats in Congress over FISA and whatever else,  that you’re going to waste all our time and bandiwth with your screaming, does that mean you will be doing America a favor and not be voting fot them? And Obama, too? Yeah, didn’t think so. So, shut UP […]

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Word just coming off the wires now that the USSC has ruled on In District of Columbia v. Heller, in a 5-4 ruling which strikes down Wahington DC’s 32 year old handgun ban, as being incompatible with the Second Amendment and the rights therein. As you might expect, Memeorandum has lots on this.  

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