Yassar ArafatDoes MSNBC provide Keith Olbermann with a research staff and if so is Olbermann smart enough to use it?  Evidently not.  On Saturday I blogged about whether Rachel Ray was wearing a keffiyeh, Based on Rusty Shackleford’s, Jawa Report, post, I believe she was not.  Yet while I believe Ray was not wearing a keffiyeh, I know such scarfs do exist.  They have a name and are worn by supporters of terrorism.  Apparenty such knowledge has yet to seep into the halls of MSNBC.  Is Olbermann even allowed access to the Internet?

Olbermann scoffed at the notions that anybody should be concerned if Ray was wearing a symbol of terrorism He was painfully unaware that such a scarf even existed, or that it even had a name.  Allahpundit, Hot Air, links to the the Olbermann video.  For a person who is endlessy comparing consevatives to terrorists, Olbermann does not know much about real terrorists.  Maybe that is why Olbermann thinks Michelle Malkin is a terrorist?

Hat tip photo: Wikipedia.

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