I’ve already remarked on two crashes yesterday. Apparently there was a third, while I was out of pocket:

NEWTON, Mass. -AP- Two commuter trains collided and derailed during the evening rush hour outside Boston on Wednesday, hurting several passengers and trapping and killing the operator of one train, according to published reports.

The father of Terrese Edmonds, an operator of one train, told the Boston Globe that his daughter died during the collision.

The crash came just hours after an elevated train derailed in Chicago, sending several people to hospitals in a wreck that officials quickly blamed on operator error.

Yeah, well that one in Chicago I have my doubts about, as I said yesterday.

But you know, I just got into it over at OTB the last few days with someone over the usual liberal mantra of small vehicles, mass transit, etc. I wonder how he’d react to my bringing this stuff up?

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