The New York Times, this morning, as well as Breitbart are pushing the line about how small car sales are through the roof.  But not really.

Bruce notes the Times link and says:

Apparently this qualifies as news.

Well, yeah, to the Times, and that should be your first clue, Bruce.  He makes the rather obvious predction (If the unpopular one among the left):

The dollar strengthens, the economy expands, gas prices drop and SUVs will again rule the roads.

I tell him in comments:

They still DO rule the roads, this nonsense not withstanding, Bruce.

Consider; the numbers I’m seeing, that all these breathless reports of small car sales are based on, suggest that only one unit in five is a small car. Drudge’s headlines confirm my read of the numbers, this morning.

Stampede to buy smaller cars; 1 in 5 sold now a compact…

Most are still either full sizers (including xovers), pickups or SUV’s. Sales of the latter are off, but sales of cars are off across the board, as they would be duing any economic slowdown.

It becomes clear to me that the purpose of the story is to encouage sales of smaller units. What basied press?

Don’t be fooled, people. They’re trying to create their own reality, here.

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