NEW YORK —(AP via Fox)- A sadistic gang of police impersonators abducted and tortured scores of East Coast cocaine traffickers, forcing them to hand over multimillion-dollar stashes by threatening to squeeze their testicles with pliers, authorities said Tuesday.An indictment unsealed in federal court in Brooklyn charged eight men with robbery conspiracy, drug dealing and an array of other crimes.

Since the spring of 2003, the gang injured about 100 people while committing 100 holdups targeting large-scale traffickers in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida, investigators said.

The take: more than 1,650 pounds of cocaine worth $20 million and $4 million in cash.

The scheme “was breathtaking in the scope of its crimes and in the danger it posed to our communities,” said U.S. Attorney Benton Campbell.

Ya know, Mr. Campbell, it occurrs to me you should be hiring these people. They apparently managed to do your job in locating these drug rings. Doesn’t it bother you that they were able to come up with information you didn’t have? And exactly who, other than other drug dealers,were their operations a danger to, hmmm?

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