I think I’ve just figured out why the world wide food crisis: The UN is working it.

Of course, they want not more food, but more money.

BERN, Switzerland — The U.N. will set up a top-level task force to tackle the global food crisis, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Tuesday.

Ban, who will lead the task force, said he agreed with U.N. agency chiefs on a series of measures for the medium and long term, with the first priority meeting the $755 million shortfall in funding for the World Food Program.

“We anticipate that additional funding will be required,” he told reporters in the Swiss capital Bern where the U.N. agency chiefs have been meeting.

The UN, after all, is so adept at fixing problems. They’ve always managed to come through before. (/snark)
Why are we still attached to this farce in Turtle Bay?

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