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There’s Important Topics, And Then There’s Important Topics

A Clive man drew gasps from fellow audience members at today’s presidential candidate forum by using a four-letter word in a question to Sen. John McCain.

A member of the audience, identified as Marty Parrish of Clive, asked McCain during the event at the Polk County Convention Complex about a rumor that McCain had once used a profane word referencing female genitalia to describe his wife.

A book, “The Real McCain” by Cliff Schecter, accuses McCain of using the word in an exchange with his wife, Cindy, in 1992.

So reports the DesMoines Register [1], this monring. They’ve got video, if you’re interested, though I’ve no idea why you would be.

Ya know, I’ve sat back and watched as Obama’s links to hard left socialists and black racists has been labeled ‘diversions’ by Obama supporters.  What do you want to bet that Obama supporters call this a very important question the press should have been asking, long ago?