Noted a resturant review over the weekend in the New York Times… and wouldn’t have said much at all, except that it got so bad with it’s left-leaning, that even left leaner, Ezra Klein can’t stand it anymore.  Yes, that’s really saying something.

They decided to use their perch at the Times, to unload on one of the larger and more visible symbols of Corporate America… the Chain restaurant.  It’s amazing, what happens when the left gets on it’s high horse about such things… the kind of amazing that can only be associated with a train wreck. You know how it’s going to come out, but you can’t take your eyes away.

Look, understand the depth of this thing; Klein and I agree on abut 1% of what comes out of his mouth. So, on those rare ocasions when even Klein is forced into reality, I consider it noteworthy, and this is one such occasion.


I can see why people who like knowing exactly what to expect — especially children, who are comforted by the familiar — enjoy going to Applebee’s.

So there you have it: Adults who like Applebee’s are like particularly simple-minded children. Christ. You’re writing in public, folks. Have some manners.

But there it is, gang. I am convinced that what this is, is a symptom of illogical protest against what the left views as American excess. Again, Klein:

This next revelation, delivered like it might result in the author’s excommunication from Manhattan, also made me laugh:

True confession: I had a great meal at the Cheesecake Factory in White Plains.

So, what is supposed to be the bigger shock, here? That a there was a great meal to be had at the epitome of their arch enemy, the corporate restaurant, or that the lefty writing for the New York Times, actually admitted it?

Now, I grant that this seems a small thing in the affairs of mankind. Taken of itself, I’d be inclined to agree. But what if we take this kind of instinctive anti-American success nonsense and apply such to their choices in politics… where they’re ashamed to admit the truth of things because it’s not ‘cool’ and doesn’t fit in with the elitist notions spread by the group they’re trying to fit in with?

You need to understand the insidious nature of what I’m talking about here, to grasp what I’m asking. In that direction lies Hollywood, for example, where one’s career can ride on their being accepted by the group. Which tends to explain Tom Hanks yesterday, and on the other hand, why Chuck Heston wasn’t filming for the last 20 years of his life.

Now, I should make note of the idea that Klein doesn’t mention any of this. In an apparent act of self-preservation, he avoids such issues outright.  Then again, I’ve never figured him to have the integrity of jello in any event. But you know it’s getting bad indeed, when such a person has to come up for air, as he does here.

Update: Joyner adds some thoughts, and I add some discussion there.

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