No question that on the political front, todayw as a slow news day. The big story on the 6pm (Eastern) newscasts would have been Hillary Clinton’s drubbing of Brrack Obama in West Virginia, last night.  What to do to take the edge off that wave?

Arrange for Barrack Obama to get an endorsement from John Edwards… at 5:00 eastern, or so.

(Note the posting time on the story.)

So it is that the news coverage at 6pm was not of Obama being handed his head by HillBilly, it’s of a totally meaningless ‘endorsement of someone nobody cares about, (Edwards) of someone who ostensibly already has the nomination. (Obama)

A deft move by someone who knows how to manipulate the news media.

I’d say there’s a few people who are scared as hell he doesn’t have that nomination.

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