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The Double Standard, Part 1397a.

Glenn: [1]

THE CNN FOLKS emailed this tidbit from Howard Kurtz’s Reliable Sources:

KURTZ: But Marie Cocco, are the media being tarred with a pretty broad brush here because of the out-of-bounds comments of a certain number of loudmouths?

COCCO: Well, this is amplified on the Internet, which, you know, may not be the broadcast media, but it is part of the media of this campaign. And if you went to the Internet — you know, we all know about the false Muslim e-mails that go around about Barack Obama. But if you ever saw the language, the vulgarity, the vitriol that is hauled at Hillary Clinton by liberal Democrats, by the liberal blogs, largely by, frankly, Obama supporters, you’d be appalled. I mean, you’d punish your children for this.

Glad somebody’s noticing.

Yeah, but look what it took to get them to notice… a liberal being the target. This stuff has been directed at Conservatives since the days of Reagan, and nobody batted an eyelash at it. Now that a liberal’s the target, it’s all of a sudden a BAD thing.