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The Democrat Primary; A Contest Between Racism And Sexism

I’ve been telling you for months, now, that the Democrat primary was a contest between racism and sexism. Well, the racists are winning, and the sexists are pissed…

Last week’s endorsement of Obama by the abortion rights group NARAL has prompted a flurry of criticism by feminists upset with the organization for turning its back on Hillary Clinton. Particularly upset are leaders of the state chapters who were not consulted before the national board’s announcement.

New York NARAL chapter head Kelli Conlin tells The Politico newspaper the move created a firestorm, mystifying everyone — and prompting concerns about alienating NARAL’s donor base. At one point there were more than 3,000 comments on NARAL’s Web site [1] — most negative. Even Obama supporters profess unhappiness with the endorsement.

Conlin says, “The supporters of Obama that I know on our board and in our membership thought it was ill-timed and ill-advised and really antithetical to people coming together in common purpose to beat John McCain.”

That’s Britt Hume last night. [2]

Leaving aside the ethics involving abortion, (On which David and I agree, and on which we can doubtless both expound for quite a while)… does NARAL really consider that Obama will be less of a supporter of abortion than Hillary Clinton?  No? Then why all the upset among them? Can it be that it’s as I said earlier… that they are sexist?