Hume last night:

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright may have stepped down as pastor, but the Trinity United Church of Christ may continue to haunt Barack Obama.

Newsmax reports the new Senior Pastor, Otis Moss, has called biblical patriarch Abraham a pimp, said Noah and Moses were thugs and said Jesus had a “soft spot for thugs.” Moss has also praised late rapper Tupac Shakur as a prophet despite his profanity-laced lyrics that glorify violence and a criminal record including assault and sexual abuse.

Cybercast News reports another pastor as the church, reverend Reginald Williams, has written in the church bulletin that the Pentagon trains Latin Americans to become terrorists and the major TV networks are run by right wing racists who see blacks as subhuman.

The Obama campaign has not yet responded to our request for a comment.

Well, look. I’ve been saying since this topic first came up that Wright is not at all unique, and that one does not sign onto such a church without buying into what’s being taught. All these points make Obama out a liar when he says he had no clue of the hatred being taught.

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