Barack As attributed to the BO campaign by the New York Times:

It is sad that President Bush would use a speech to the Knesset on the 60th anniversary of Israel’s independence to launch a false political attack. It is time to turn the page on eight years of policies that have strengthened Iran and failed to secure America or our ally Israel. Instead of tough talk and no action, we need to do what Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan did and use all elements of American power – including tough, principled, and direct diplomacy – to pressure countries like Iran and Syria. George Bush knows that I have never supported engagement with terrorists, and the President’s extraordinary politicization of foreign policy and the politics of fear do nothing to secure the American people or our stalwart ally Israel.

This ts the entire statement as published by the Times.  If BO said any more, the Times did not see fit to publish it.

The BO campaign accuses the President of making a false political attack.   Yet the BO campaign makes no allegations which refute anything the the President said.   That is, if the President’s remarks were indeed false, there must be one, or more, false elements contained in them.   Yet the BO campaign fails to identify any false statement.   So all we have left is fuzzy BO math, while the President made no specific statement which the BO campaign refutes, the campaign still asserts, albeit without evidence, that somehow the President’s statement was false.   Sure BO.

In the mean time, BO is still accepting the political support of the terrorist Bill Ayers.


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