The Telegraph:

Michelle Obama lifted the lid on the irritation felt by the leading Democrat candidate for the White House at the way anti-American outbursts by his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, have dogged his campaign.

He is said to be itching to turn all his fire on John McCain, the Republican candidate, who is benefiting most from Mr Obama’s protracted tussle with Hillary Clinton.

Poor Barrack. You want we should get a pity party going?

We’re tired of you, too, Obama. You could solve the problem by disappearing. But, you’re too power hungry to do that, aren’t you?

Here’s a news flash:

It isn’t questions about your character, that are your root problem. The questions are secondary.  At the root of your problem is your character.

Of course I’d not expect your wife, who you doubtless sent out to spread this word, and who has character issues of her own, to mention that. Particularly, her issues surround her anti-American attitude…how she feels about America… her statements there are not out of line with what Wright spewed, and what you’re trying to distance yourself from. The smart thing to do would have been to distance yourself from your wife the way you distanced yourself from Wright, for her blatantly anti-American remarks, and for the same reason. They were, after all, of a kind.

You surround yourself with racist anti-American bigots, and then wonder why people have questions about you?

Actually, I take that back. There is no ‘questions’ about you. We know you belong nowhere near governmental power.

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