Remember a few days ago I remarked about how Obama had fired one of his staffers for talking to Hamas?

Well, of course Obama’s been running up the flag of denial over the matter, and treating this guy like he was a total stranger… just a crazy uncle… just another Jerry Wright.

Well, think back a bit further, to the CNN/YouTude laugh festival. Recall, please, that at that yukfest, Obama stated he’d meet with Iran.   Like he doesn’t know that Mahmoud AhmydinnerJacket is pulling the strings on the Hamas puppet?

Of course, now Obama is backpeddling furiously on that statement, claiming that McCain has distorted what he said. Has Obama forgotten the internet age, where everyone already knows what he said and denial won’t cut it, anymore?

And the questions raised about how this kind of nonsense surrounds Obama so very often, remain unanswered.



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