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No BO in WV

[1]McCain, as in Robert Stacy McCain [2], notes that while BO purports to want to win next Tuesday primary West Virginia, which would kill Mrs. Clinton’s campaign,  he has no plan to actually ever set foot in the state: 

Yeah, lots of GOTV and honk-and-waves on Team Obama’s West Virginia schedule [3], but no Obama. Maybe they’re afraid one of those toothless moonshiners might mistake Obama for a revenuer and blast him his shootin’ iron

Aside from being home to Don Surber [4], West Viriginia is also the home of Senator Bobbby “Sheets” Byrd.   Did Sheets pass the word for BO to say out of his state?

BO is on recond as wanting to talk to our enemies.   Yet while BO willing to set down and talk to the ilk of Hugo Chavez and Bashar al-Assad, he not willing to talk face to face to the people of West Virginia.   Get Don, if I didn’t know better, I’d say that BO doesn’t like you.