• Yes, Art… I have seen the book as well. I have to tell you and honesty I found a depressing read. The reasons are rather simple; your first problem is that it does in fact make sense. I’m that basis alone it would never fly. Getting the idea? Of course, the second one is of a kind with the first, and it’s the one you list as your personal favorite, the current taxes will longer be used to manipulate and punish the American people for doing various things or not doing various things. Frankly, I don’t care what party they’re in. I suspect that in the end they will not want to give up that power. At least, that would include the crop of Republicans we currently have. By the way, I told Neal this several months ago after the book first came out. by all means go ahead and write them, but don’t expect them to be very conversant. He does get out of the hospital a couple days ago… a knee operation, I believe. I have to tell you that the plan would of gotten an awful lot farther if they’d pick somebody better than Mike Huckabee to represent it to the American people. I figured a reason that he got into politics is that Huckabee wasn’t much of a used car salesman. I have my doubts on his ability to sell water in the Sahara Desert. Certainly nobody was going to take the tax plan from him when itw as clear even HE didn’t understand the ramifications of it.
  • And by the way I will address “Expelled”, some other time. Probably Monday.
  • My, my… but the vultures are certainly circling. Mark Penn, aren’t they? you know, the amount of stuff that they’re laying on his doorstep, about half of it is garbage. I’ve said it before about him, that the Clinton campaign has been using the guy as a scapegoat. That perception hasn’t changed. It’s very true that he got himself into this, and his troubles just now are a direct result of his politics. But it’s almost enough to make me feel sorry for this sap. Let’s face it; he had an impossible job, putting lipstick on a pig. Yes, I know, but there are a number of people who swore up and down that it was hers for the taking, and that she’d have the nomination quite quickly. Frankly, those people overlooked her massive negatives in both parties. For all of the defense that the Democrat party put up for the Clintons, the fact of the matter is they are just plain tired of defending them. Of course, what’s also going on here is the influence of Moveon at the upper levels of the party. the Democrats have yet to learn just how far out of sync with the Ameruican people they have become as a result. Come November, they’ll get a reminder.
  • By the way, Speaking of the Clintons, there are rumblings from the horizon than Hillary Clinton is going to be in some serious doodoo very shortly, as regards Whitewater.  In reading the Washington Times story, I can’t help but wonder if this doesn’t explain some of the desperation on the part of the national party to get out from underneath the threat of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Bad as all bomb a is, he would be far less damaging to the party in the long-term than Hillary Clinton going to court over the last time she was president.
  • I notice they got Abu Ayyub al-Masri. Sadly, he’s still alive. With any luck, the Iraqis will be changing that siutation shortly. It is true that Al Qaeda has been managing to replace their fallen number two and number three operatives in various regions without too much difficulty. Trouble is for them, that the quality of the people they’ve been replacing their fallen with, is not all that great. The result is that even Al Reuters has admitted that AQ is reeling. The Belmont club is suggesting that intelligence figures that Al Qaeda is in the process of making their last stand at Mosul. There’s a bit of a rat line that runs from there to Syria. Once all so nice about this, and I don’t notice it being mentioned very much, is that the Iraqi security forces are the ones that made the arrest in this case. Here again we see Iraqis standing up, Americans standing down, which was always the plan, and the news media refusing to it knowledge the direction these things have taken.
  • A third place, and an honorable mention at the Outside the Beltway caption contest. You know, I see pictures of parrots like that and wonder if somebody’s been screwing with the colors.

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