• I see where Nancy Pelosi is vowing to make sure there’s no infighting in Denver’s upcoming Democrat convention. I’ll tell you… if her management of House Democrats is of any indicatino of her management ability, the resulting fighting among Democrats in Denver will require a response from the National Guard to quell it.
  • Just in case you were not aware of the deep problems inside the head of Keith Olberman
  • Funny thing… since the Soros connection to McClellen’s book came up, the left-o-shpere has been deadly quiet. Perhaps they’re beginning to understand?
  • With the rail accidents as I mentioned yesterday and this monring, I have to wonder if this story was timed for these conditions. For the record, I don’t see this as a problem for the near term. And while it may be a problem for the later term, I see the railraods reacting with building as needed… always assuming the government isn’t treating them like they do the oil companies, and their capacity problems. There’s a clue there, to the real problem, I think.
  • And Sweetness and Light, as David noted eariler today, is apparently taking the lion’s share of heat for asking questions abut another of Obama’s questionable statements. David’s doing a good job of following that, so I won’t get into it here, too much, except to say that kind of panic hits whenever there’s a serious question about a liberals story line. It shows me, how desperate Obama and his supporters are to establish a link, if only a secondary one, to the Military. And Mega-Kudos to S&L for their work on this.
  • An interesting point from Boortz, today:

    Right on Barack Obama’s very own webpage he has written the following statement: “We have not exhausted our non-military options in confronting the Iranian threat; in many ways, we have yet to try them. Obama is the only major candidate who supports tough, direct presidential diplomacy with Iran without preconditions. Now is the time to pressure Iran directly to change their troubling behavior. Obama would offer the Iranian regime a choice. If Iran abandons its nuclear program and support for terrorism, we will offer incentives like membership in the World Trade Organization.”

    However, it took the Wall Street Journal to point out how ridiculous this “incentive” truly is … Amir Taheri writes, “Perhaps Mr. Obama is unaware that one of Mr. Ahmadinejad’s first acts was to freeze Tehran’s efforts for securing WTO membership because he regards the outfit as ‘a nest of conspiracies by Zionists and Americans.'”

    So it looks like these “talks” and “incentives” to join with America are really going to work for a mad dictator. But this is what we can expect from a Barack Obama presidency.

    Yet another case of ‘If it sounds good, say it, because nobody knows anything about this crap anyway”. Obama is being exposed , here people. Like what you see?

  • Good to see the Oil companies fighting back. About bloody time.
  • Interesting how people are just starting to figure out that Hillry Clinton is in it for the money.

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