• We now hear chatter again about Hillary being offered the VP slot on Obama’s ticket. Not a shock to hear it, I suppose but it still strikes me that Obama would have to be suicidal to make such an offer.  The name Vince Foster leaps to mind.
  • NBC’s been caught with more fake film. This time, Gobal warming, not pickup trucks.  Hey, listen, anything for the cause.  Isn’t that what Al Gore did?
  • Reports have it that help is finally starting on on Burma, from outside agencies. Well, now, let’s see; How long did it take for outside help to get to NOLA? Of course the usual suspects are complaining how our people there were helped first, as Joyner informs us. I tell him,

    It strikes me that in the aftermath of Katrina, those at the bizzarely named “think progress” were busy blaming BOOOOOSSSSSSCCCHHHH for people not getting help, there, instead of putting the blame for their not getting help squarely on the shoulders of the local and state governments there.

    Are we now, based on their reaction to this, to assume that the state and local governments in and around NOLA are as helpless as those in Burma?

    And there it is, gang.. Besides which, Burma rejected our help, opting to go with the UN only.  We couldn’t go in to help THEIR people, if we wanted to. As to the UN’s help, we’ll see how that works out. What you wanna bet the US gets the blame when they take six months assessing the situation of what color the chairs are in the meeting rooms,  why isn’t the Bree of better quality, and which starving villagers are the best sex slaves?  That’s what it devolved to in Darfur, after all. (Shrug) It’s clear the best interest of the people in Bruma was never a high priority with those thugs, anyway.

  • I want to make special note of Chuck Simmins, and his response to our call about “Books for Soldiers”. A nice job, Chuck. Thank you.  It’s amazing what can be accomplished when people of quality put their efforts together. If you’re helping the cause on your site, let me know via feedback, and I’ll link it here.
  • Oh, speaking of Chuck, he beat me to a local story, today. (Yeah, I know… he usually does), where a local 911 dispatcher got herself in trouble for accessing the terrorist watch lists. Was arrested in fact.  Of course she levels the charge she’s only in trouble because hse’s a Muslim. yeah, right.
  • I don’t think there are many with less crediblity than George McGovern.  So I suppose Hillary Clinton can take his calls for her to drop out with some salt and a dismissive wave.  Welll… Except of course for the idea that Hillary Clinton is one of those few with less credibility than George McGovern.
  • McDonalds is reporting the sales on their “Happy Meal” combos was up 5% in April. Usually, the experts translate that into good times, economically, since it suggests more expendable income. Another sign of a recovery, earlier than the experts predcted.
  • Mother’s day is Sunday. Not much planned, realy. Supposed to rain here on Sunday. We’ll see.
  • A Sex scandal at the Weather Channel?  Interesting. Bob Stokes used to work here in Rochester, at WROC-TV. Like, they need added problems, eh?

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